Introducing CalPrex

Pre-Digestion P-Recovery

Is This What
Your Plant's
Pipes Look Like?

Without intervention, struvite blocks
your pipes and puts a hefty burden
on your bottom line.


Keep the hydrolysis process
simple and affordable.

2017 ACEC Grand Award

Kenosha WWTP Energy Optimized
Resource Recovery Project


A CalPrex reactor is placed between the acid phase and gas phase digesters. The dissolved phosphorus in dewatered centrate precipitates and is recovered as a brushite crystal, a phosphorus fertilizer, that is as effective as other leading phosphate fertilizers on the market today.


An AirPrex reactor is between the anaerobic digester and the dewatering equipment. The process converts the orthophosphate into struvite crystals, which is harvested from the bottom of the reactor. The struvite is available to use as a beneficial fertilizer.

CalPrex™ + AirPrex®

The combination of CalPrex + AirPrex captures 50%+ phosphorus entering treatment plants, with a minimal addition of chemicals.


PONDUS keeps the Thermo-Chemical Hydrolysis Process (TCHP) simple and affordable by drastically reducing the overall carbon footprint and minimizing solid waste production. PONDUS enables useful repurposing of biosolids (as fertilizer and carbon source) and methane gas outputs (as renewable energy).

Kenosha Energy Optimization

Kenosha Wastewater Treatment Plant transforms municipal waste by-products into energy-independent and eco-friendly solutions. The Kenosha project is the 2017 ACEC Grand Award winner.

Turning Innovation into an Industry Standard

By working together, Centrisys/CNP push the limits of dewatering efficiency, polymer-free thickening and sustainable process. They advance the industry through unrelenting innovation.